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Buying and Selling Tips

When to buy, when to sell, how to co-ordinate your move and how to balance finance. Timing is important and you will need the assistance of an experienced real estate agent to help you. Activity in any real estate market can be affected by many different external factors. Under some conditions a sale in summer is suggested because many buyers are active then. However there can also be a great deal of stock for sale. During winter the market is less active and this could be an opportunity to buy or sell when stock volumes are lower. There are no hard and fast rules.

It is Ray White Real Estate’s experience that every sale requires personal attention. While there are several alternative methods available to organise the sale of your property, the two most popular are auctions and private treaty sales.

Each of our clients will have different needs and no two properties are the same. For each client we discuss the best method of sale for their property, depending upon their personal circumstances and the current market conditions. Understanding Auctions There is little doubt that auctions are the most popular and successful way to market property in Sydney’s Southern Suburbs. For more than 10 years, Ray White Real Estate has been the leading auction agency and we would welcome an opportunity of outlining how auctions can work for you. When selling at auction, individual marketing recommendations are provided for each client. These cover timing, advertising and other marketing ideas, such as public relations, signs, brochures, the Internet and property presentation. Buying at auction is not difficult, however we recommend that you discuss your interest in any property with the marketing agent well ahead of the auction date.

A check list is one of the simplest ways of helping you identify which property to buy. Prepare a checklist of the features you are looking for. Divide your list into those items that you must have, those you would like and those you would consider an extra bonus. Keep a checklist for each property you inspect so that you have an easy comparison. Also keep any brochures or advertisements used to market the property so that you can refresh your memory. It is also a good idea to visit any property which interests you at several different times of the day.